Accessible tourism

Accessible tourism

The features and location of the campsites of Bibione Mare S.p.A. make them suitable for all types of tourists, even for those with paraplegia or difficulty in movement. The campsites of Bibione Mare S.p.A. are located amidst the beautiful scenery of the lagoon and the blue Adriatic Sea - whose waters gently caress the typical golden sand of our beaches, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation
The size of bungalows and the positioning of rooms inside, allow even those who are in a wheelchair to have access and move comfortably enjoying all services.
The beach is equipped with ramps and walkways for easy access to the umbrellas with platforms for wheelchairs; at the same time, onsite restaurants, as well as our facilities (showers and bathrooms) have access and compartments suitable for people with motor deficiencies or in a wheelchair.
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Camping Capalonga, overlooking the lagoon of Bibione, also offers boat moorings accessible to the guests reachable via eight practical piers
These facilities give the opportunity to take a boat out at sea or in the wonderful Veneto lagoon.
The advantages of a accessible holidays at Camping Lido:

A special boardwalk that takes people to the water's edge

A special wheelchair that takes those who want to bathe directly in the water

Special mobile homes with plenty of room to manoeuvre, with ramps and special bathrooms

All the sanitary facilities of the campsite are made to measure for disabled people

Dicono di noi

Kayaking in Venice with a disability

by Karen Darke
Karen accepted the invitation to be the first paddler sponsored by "POINT 65" with surprise and enthusiasm. She asked: “But can I be a sponsored paddler, even if I cannot turn a kayak?” Read on to see what happened next. “Of course! Would you like to go kayaking in Venice next weekend” Would I like to?! Although I have 12 years of experience in kayaking, I could not believe that anyone would want to sponsor a disabled kayaker, as a paraplegic: my biggest challenge is balance.

My kayaking adventure began with a flight to the Kayak Centre in Bibione, in northern Italy, east of Venice: turquoise water, golden beaches, gentle rowing, ice cream and sunshine. I could not wait. To balance myself in a kayak, I used a backrest to give me more support. It is difficult to adapt to a boat without adding an extra layer of foam and glue. Therefore, I used a kayak with good overall stability to avoid tipping over and losing it. My kayak was adapted to me, so I was not worried about not finding a suitable one among those offered in Bibione. The sight of all those colourful kayaks on the beach enticed me to get into the water. My eyes went to the kayaks at Point 65, looking for one with a relatively stable hull shape (with a flatter bottom) and a larger cockpit/seat, just to make sure I could get out of it if I fell.
Fortunately, the design of the seat adapted easily to my backrest, and after a few minutes, I was ready to join the group in the water.

We slipped into the cosy lagoon, with the water as calm as in a bathtub, feeling happily positive in this Italian atmosphere. This was the first gathering of the year for the Bibione Kayak Centre, which is located at the Capalonga Campsite (, a fantastic wheelchair accessible place, with bungalows equipped for disabled people, located between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. On the side of the lagoon the water is calm, ideal for beginners or to perfect techniques, and on the side where the sea is, there are waves to surf for the more adventurous.

The week began with the "Vogalonga": a great non-competitive event 33 km long that allows you to explore the canals and hidden corners of Venice. It is open to all types of non-motorized boats such as kayaks, gondolas, canoes and others. The organizers at Bibione Kayak Centre, together with Point 65, would like more disabled paddlers to join the event, which is ideal for both beginners and experts thanks to the wheelchair access, the wide choice of kayaks, the warm water and the ability to choose between the calm waters of the lagoon and the waves of the sea.
Karen Darke
British paralympic cyclist, paratriathlete, adventurer and author. She competed at the 2012 London Paralympics winning a silver medal in the Women’s road time trial H1-2.



Everybody loves
Camping Lido for its


Valentina - August 2019

Top Staff!

Everything you need for a camping holiday... I would also like to mention the kind and polite staff, from the reception to the gardeners! There is no employee who forgets to say good morning... and these days we cannot take this for granted


Cesare - August 2019

Relaxing holiday!

First time in this campsite, everything went smoothly as a beach holiday should be, from arrival to departure nothing to complain about. All perfect, the animators with their shows entertain adults and children at large. For a week, I have literally detached my brain from everyday life. sea, relaxation, sun, laughter, fun ..... what more could I want??!!!! come back next year ... already booked .... all good ... try to believe it ... on to next year.


Sofi – July 2019

Always a pleasure, Camping Lido

I've been coming to Camping Lido for years, which is always an excellent choice for a family holiday. The lodgings are clean and comfortable, the beach is immense and as of this year completely smoke-free, the quiet atmosphere is perfect for getting away from the routine. However, this year's surprise was the group that was created! In fact, thanks to the animators Gab(bbb)riele and Luna, the Lido can now even boast an enviable team of beach volleyball and bocce. They are the ones who get the laziest guests to get up from the deckchair and throw themselves into the sand (including head first, if necessary). The multilingual composition of the teams is also noteworthy: the animating team has been able to unite speakers of Venetian and Milanese dialect, German and, if necessary, of an idiom vaguely similar to English. A cheer also to an often forgotten part of the staff, the gardeners, thanks to which the campsite and the seafront are always in excellent condition.


Mandatory Fields *

Always included in the price:

  • Use of swimming pools
  • Animation for all children
  • Free Wi-Fi (limited bandwidth)
  • Enrolment in all sports and special events
  • Parking spot
  • Electricity and use of services with hot water
  • Wonderful memories and new friendships



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