Accessible tourism – The features and location of the campsites of Bibione Mare S.p.A. make them suitable for all types of tourists, even for those with paraplegia or difficulty in movement.

The size of bungalows and the positioning of rooms inside, allow even those who are in a wheelchair to have access and move comfortably enjoying all services.
The beach is equipped with ramps and walkways for easy access to the umbrellas with platforms for wheelchairs; at the same time, onsite restaurants, as well as our facilities (showers and bathrooms) have access and compartments suitable for people with motor deficiencies or in a wheelchair.

Camping Capalonga, overlooking the lagoon of Bibione, also offers boat moorings (accessible to the guests, in addition to the ones of Capalonga, of Camping Lido and Camping Residence Il tridente too) reachable via eight practical piers. These facilities give the opportunity to take a boat out at sea or in the wonderful Veneto lagoon.

The campsites of Bibione Mare S.p.A. are located amidst the beautiful scenery of the lagoon and the blue Adriatic Sea - whose waters gently caress the typical golden sand of our beaches, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation download map pdf


Going Kayaking to Venice with a disability by Karen Darke
Karen has accepted with surprise and enthusiasm the invitation to be the first oarswoman sponsored by "POINT 65".
She asked: ‘But can I be a sponsored oarswoman, despite the fact I cannot turn a kayak?’

Read on to see what happened next. ‘Of course! And would you like to go kayaking to Venice next weekend?’ ‘Would I like it?! Although I had an experience of 12 years in kayaking, I could not believe that someone would want to sponsor a disabled in a kayak, as I am a paraplegic: balance is a challenge for me.

My kayak adventure began with a flight to Centro Kayak in Bibione, in northern Italy, east of Venice: deep blue water, golden beaches, kind rowers, ice cream and sun. I couldn’t wait. For my balance in a kayak, I used a backrest in order to give me more support. It is difficult to adapt to a boat without affixing an additional layer of foam and glue. So I used a kayak with a good initial stability, to avoid falling off and then losing it. My kayak has been adjusted for me, so I was not worried about not finding one equally suitable in Bibione. The sight of all those colourful kayaks on the beach tempted me to get into the water. My eyes went to the kayaks of point 65, looking for one with a relatively stable hull shape (with flatter bottom) and with a larger seat, just to make sure I could get out in case I fell. Fortunately, the seat design easily fit in my backrest, and after a few minutes I was ready to join the group in the water.

We slipped into the welcoming lagoon, with water as calm as in a bathtub, feeling happily positive in this Italian atmosphere. This was the first gathering of the year of Centro Kayak Bibione, based at Camping Capalonga (, a fantastic place accessible for wheelchairs, with bungalows equipped for disabled people, located between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. On the lagoon the water is calm, ideal for beginners or to improve techniques, and on the sea there are waves for surfing for more adventurous people.

The week started with ‘Vogalonga’: a big non-competitive event of 33 km that allows you to explore the narrow streets and corners of Venice. It is open to all types of non-motorized boats such as kayaks, gondolas, canoes and other. The organizers of Centro Kayak Bibione, together with Point 65, would like that more disabled rowers joined the event, which is ideal for both beginners and more experienced, thanks to the well equipped access for wheelchairs, the wide range of kayaks, warm water and the opportunity to choose between the calm waters of the lagoon and sea waves.

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