Regulations of the property

As we welcome you to our Facility, we invite you to carefully read the Regulations set out hereunder – extensively publicised on our Website and at the Camping Lido – pointing out that they are binding on anyone – customer, guest or visitor – who enters the Facility or books the relevant resources (rest areas and accommodation units; moorings serving the Campground).
Article 1 (Duration of the stay) – Our accommodation units and rest areas may be booked for weekly periods**
The beginning and end of the period vary depending on the type of resource booked.
We kindly invite you to carefully assess the type of resource selected and the period for which the same may be booked by checking the price list and our Website. You can check availability of the resource in question by contacting our  Booking Centre or through our Website.
**During the low season, you may book weekends and short stays (minimum 2 nights) by agreement with management.

Article 2 (Booking request and deposit) – To render your booking request valid and effective, you must provide a commitment deposit, in the amount to be indicated by the Company (failing which the deposit is deemed equal to EUR 300,00).
Payment must be made by Visa or Mastercard Credit Card (only through our Website) or by bank transfer – specifying the provisional booking number allocated to you – to
Payee :   Bibione Mare S.p.a. – Camping Lido
(New!) Bank Account: IBAN: IT 62 M 05484 36290 CC0050000255 / BIC (SWIFT) Code: CIVIIT2C

Any advance payment of the accommodation price may be made beginning with 1 January in the reference year of the stay, exactly as pointed out above.
In the event of bookings and payments made directly at the Facility, cash payments (in Italian currency) are allowed within the limits laid down by the legislation in force.

Article 3 (Booking confirmation) -  Once the deposit has been paid, you will receive a confirmatory email of your booking by the Facility, which only by virtue of such confirmation will become final and binding on Bibione Mare S.p.a.

Article 4 (Booking costs) – All bookings are subject to a charge of EUR 15.00 for booking costs, to be added to the final calculation at the end of the stay. This amount is in any event due and is not refundable even in case of subsequent withdrawal.

Article 5 (Type of Resource) – Through the final confirmation of the booking by the Facility, the type of accommodation and the period of stay are warranted. As much as possible, requests for specific rest areas or specific accommodation units selected by the Customer will be taken into account. Management reserves in any event the right to change the allocated resource number, being entitled to provide a rest area or housing unit with similar characteristics to the one chosen by the  customer.

Article 6 (Delayed check-ins and early check-outs) – Delayed check-ins or early check-outs nevertheless entail charging for the resource for the entire period booked.

Article 7 (Check-in) - The rest areas are available for allocation from 13h00 on the scheduled day.
The accommodation units are available for delivery from 16h30 on the scheduled day. For early delivery of the accommodation unit at 12h30, an additional amount of EUR 60.00 is charged. The request must be made at the time of booking.
The resource booked will be kept at the customer’s disposal until 13h00 on the day subsequent to the one set out in the booking confirmation, whereupon – in the event of no attendance by the customer and in the absence of any communication by the same – it may be rented to third parties at the Facility’s discretion.

Article 8 (Deposit) – On arrival, the sum of EUR 75.00 in deposit will be requested for the accommodation units, as security for proper use of the unit and its restoration in the same condition in which it had been delivered, along with all the relevant equipment. The amount will be refunded at the time of departure in the absence of damages or missing equipment as ascertained by the controlling staff.
The accommodation must be left in a perfectly cleaned state, as it was at the time of its delivery. The charge for any cleaning (not performed or not fully performed by the customer) amounts to EUR 80.00.

Article 9 (Check-out) – The  check-outs relating to the accommodation units must take place by 10h00 on the scheduled day. Those relating to the rest areas by 12h00. Any extended stay may be agreed upon with Management. An extra day will be charged for any check-out past the scheduled time, unless otherwise  agreed upon with Management.

Article 10 (Cancellations) – Any cancellation must be notified in writing (to the email address of the Facility) by setting out the customer’s BANKING DETAILS (IBAN). Only cancellations received at least 30 days prior to the starting date of the stay will confer a right to the refund of the commitment deposit – subject to the booking costs and bank commissions being charged -. Conversely, cancellations received beyond the aforementioned deadlines do not confer any right to the refund of the commitment deposit, and Management will furthermore reserve the right to request payment of the entire amount due for the booked stay. In the event of valid cancellation, the deposit shall be refunded by Bibione Mare S.p.a. within 30 (minimum) to 60 (maximum) days from date of the customer’s relevant request.

Article 11 (Balance) – Payment of the balance due for the stay must take place, at the latest, by the day preceding check-out, during the opening hours of the office-cashier’s desk.

Article 12 (Cash payments) It should be noted that precise legislative limits apply to cash payments. Any payment for an amount exceeding the legislative limits in force may only be made with traceable means in compliance with legal provisions.
Access to the Facility, use of the rest areas and the accommodation units and their restoration at the end of the stay.

Article 1 (Identification and access to the Facility) - The incoming customer or guest must attend at the reception office, where he/she shall produce an identity document for each member of the group. The person who signs the admission form to comply with public security obligations warrants the correctness of the data declared for all group members, incurring any liability to that effect.
An identification bracelet (to be carried on the wrist by all the campground customers and guests) will be issued to each customer or guest, along with a personal control card to be produced at the entrance to the campground or at the behest of the staff on duty. Production of the card alone is insufficient to prove membership of the facility. A sticker bearing emblem of the campground will furthermore be applied to the car window.
Guests are informed that during the stay the Facility Staff reserve the right to check the identity of the persons inside the campground and check due concordance with what was declared.
It should be noted that unauthorised entry is a breach of the rules of the Italian Criminal Code (particularly Article 614 of the Italian Criminal Code on trespassing).

Article 2 (Visitors) – Visitors are only allowed entry pursuant to management’s authorisation, and if the visit extends longer than an hour they are obliged to pay the daily rate.
Visitors, too, must first attend at the campground’s reception office to fulfil the identification and access formalities, by handing in their personal identity documents that will be returned at the time of departure.
During their stay at the campground, they must wear the special identification bracelet and guard the personal control card.
Article 3 (Check-in and Check-out times) – We wish to reiterate that the rest areas are available for delivery from 13h00 on the date of arrival, and the accommodation units from 16h30 on the date of arrival (unless an agreement has been reached beforehand with the facility for early delivery at 12h30, subject to payment, in that instance, of an additional charge of EUR 60.00).
Departing guests must vacate the rest areas by 12h00 and the accommodation units by 10h00 and leave the facility by the same time, failing they will be charged for an entire day.

Article 4 (Cashier’s office) – The cashier’s office is open in the morning from 8h00 to 12h00 and in the afternoon from 16h00 to 18h00. The control cards must be returned at the time of settling the balance of the stay. The personal documents will be handed back at the time of departure.

Article 5 (Allocation of rest areas and units) – Allocation to incoming guests of the rest areas and accommodation units is attended to by the campground staff.

Article 6 (Occupation of rest areas) – Occupation is permitted only in respect of the rest area allocated.
Article 7 (State and completeness of accommodation units) - Customers of accommodation units are kindly requested to check on arrival whether the accommodation is duly cleaned and equipped as per the inventory available inside it. Any shortage or deficiency must be notified to management by 12h00 on the following day.

Article 8 (Equipment) – During his/her stay, the Customer must take care of whatever equipment he might have received. Any faults, breakages or malfunctions of installations must be reported to management, for the latter to duly organise the maintenance staff.
Campground customers and guests must carefully and wisely use the bicycles received and take charge of the small repairs regarding normal use thereof. They shall likewise bear the repair costs in the event of breakages and malfunctions detected at the time of returning them by the end of the stay.

Article 9 (Notice of Variations) – The guest must notify Management in real time of any type of variation, on arrival and on departure, concerning his group, or relating to the occupiers of the rest area or accommodation unit, failing which it will not be possible to retrospectively request a reduction in the price of occupation and Management will not be liable for higher charges pertaining to incorrectly notified stays.

Article 10 (Balance) – The balance of the stay may be settled during the opening hours of the cashier’s office on any day of the week, but in any event no later than the day preceding departure. Departures at night or outside office hours must be agreed with management beforehand so that the operations of control and return of deposit and documents can be organised.

Article 11 (Cleaning) – The accommodation must be vacated in a perfectly clean state, just as it was delivered. The charge for any cleaning not performed or incompletely performed by the customer is EUR 80.00. The rest area must be vacated in a clean and orderly state.

Article 12 (Deposit) – In order to secure the refund of the deposit – to be paid when arriving at the campground and amounting to EUR 75.00 for each accommodation unit - the Customer, after vacating the accommodation, must hand back, at the reception office, the keys, the identification cards, the bracelets and the receipt of the deposit, and also produce the receipt of the duly settled balance of the stay (voucher for agencies).

Article 13 (Withholding of Deposit) – After conducting a check, in the absence of damages or shortages the deposit will be returned along with the personal documents. The control operation may last approximately 15 minutes.
If damages or shortages are detected, they will be charged to the customer based on the valuation lists available for perusal at the reception office.

Article 14 (Minimum duration of stay) – During high season periods, the minimum stay is seven days. Any exemptions may be granted exclusively by management.

Article 15 (Prohibition of sub-letting) - It is prohibited to sublet or assign to third parties the resource and the contract, save for exemptions expressly granted by Management.

Behavioural duties and prohibitions for Guests

Article 16 (Animals) – Dogs or other animals may not be introduced into the facility. Only the “Camping Village Capalonga” is exempted from the operation of said prohibition, since dogs may be admitted inside it, subject however to the limits and to the precise conditions laid down in detail in the applicable Regulations  (“Regulations on Animals”).

Article 17 (State of Tents and Caravans) – No entry is allowed for caravans or tents not inhabited or in a precarious state of conservation. Any empty or inadequate equipment shall be removed as a rule at the expense of the culprit.

Article 18 (Hours of Silence) – Campers and guests of the campground must adhere to silence from 13h30 to 15h30 and from 23h30 to 7:00 a.m. During those periods, use of motor-powered vehicles is strictly forbidden, save for exemptions that may be granted exclusively by management.
In general, outside those times as well, conduct, activities and games as well as the use of equipment that might disturb other guests and upset the peace of the campground ought to be avoided.

Article 19 (Speed limits and manner of circulation) – Within the campground, there is a speed limit of 10 km/h for motor vehicles, along with the obligation to abide by the on-site signs and the rules of the road.
Any vehicle, including one that is not motor-powered (hence bicycles as well), is in any event bound to behave cautiously and adapt the speed and the driving so as to avoid any danger to the campground guests.

Article 20 (Minors) – Children must be constantly supervised and accompanied by an adult, in charge of their custody (as regards possible damages to third parties as well) and their safety, while Management disclaims any liability in that regard.

Article 21 (Games) - Games available at the Campground (including water games by the pool) and on the beach must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions received.
Only minors accompanied by an adult in charge may gain access to the games.
The Company disclaims liability for any irregular and unauthorised use.

Article 22 (Lost items) – Items found inside the campground must be handed to management that will see to the task of returning them to their rightful owners.

Article 23 (Prohibitions) – It is forbidden to:
  • dig holes in the ground;
  • light fires outdoors;
  • spill onto the ground oils, fuels, boiling, salty or waste liquids;
  • wash cars or other vehicles;
  • wash dishes and linen outside the specific sinks;
  • lay fences or shade tarpaulins, tie or anchor anything to the plants, pull ropes at eye level, or install anything else that might represent a danger or obstruct the passage; 

as well as, generally, engage in any conduct that might endanger things or persons or be a source of disturbance for the campground guests.

Article 24 (Barbecue) - Only the barbecue provided may be used, on condition that weather conditions so permit, and provided that it does not disturb the other guests and create dangerous situations.
Customers and guests are responsible for its safe use and liable for any damage caused.

Article 25 (Respect for installations, furnishings, plants and trees) – Respect must be shown to installations, furnishings, plants and trees.

Article 26 (Toilet Facilities) - The toilet facilities must be left in a decent and clean state. It should be noted that the same are temporarily closed during cleaning and sanitising activities.

Article 27 (Waste) – Paper, cigarette butts and waste must be placed in the appropriate containers, and dealt with strictly in compliance with the applicable law in the field of differentiated collection.

Article 28 (Prescriptions by Management and Staff) – The Campground Management and staff reserve the right to prescribe to guests and visitors of the campground any further conduct necessary or appropriate for safeguarding the tranquillity and safety of the persons or for protecting the assets making up the Facility, along with the obligation resting on customers and guests to strictly abide by the prescriptions thus issued.

Article 29 (Certifications) - The Customer acknowledges that the Company is equipped with the “EMAS Environmental Management System” certification (Council Regulation (EEC) No. 1836/93 of 29/06/1993), the “UNI EN ISO9001” certification and the “UNI EN ISO14001” certification by DNV Italia. The Customer, due to the foregoing, undertakes to apply all the procedures and/or methods of conduct the Company will demand as a result of and consistently with the aforementioned certifications, particularly as regards the handling of "waste”.

Article 30 - (Duties of campground guests and right to throw them out) - In general, a correct and cautious behaviour inside the campground, on the beach and in the equipped areas, as well as adherence to order and cleanliness, are precise obligations of the campground guests. If said rules of conduct are not complied with, management will be entitled to throw the offenders out of the campground.

Use of the Pool

Article 31 (Technical characteristics) - The depth of the swimming pool and the bathtubs is as follows:

Swimming Area: prof. 120 cm.

Baby Pool
Children Area: prof. 0-60 cm.
Baby Area: prof. 0-20 cm.

Article 32 (Opening days and times) – The pool is open from 10h00 to 19h00 and is closed throughout Wednesday so that the same can be cleaned in full. Management reserves the right to close it down on different times or at different hours as well, for the purposes of extraordinary maintenance or hygiene. Use of the swimming pool is strictly forbidden on closing hours and days.
Given the need to ensure safe use of the pool in suitable conditions of well-being, Management reserves the right to limit the overall number of entries in the pool in the event of excessive crowding as well, based on the needs of the concrete circumstances. 
Management warrants due operation of the filtering, sterilisation and replacement system only during opening times, and is exonerated from any complaints for damages caused by lack of compliance with the foregoing. It will likewise be entitled – to ensure compliance with the applicable hygienic provisions – to cause the removal from the pool of people who use it outside its opening hours.

Article 33 (Entry requirements) -   To be able to enter the pool area, you must necessarily wash in the specific showers and rinse in the foot-baths. For hygienic reasons, wheelchairs and other objects incapable of being disinfected may not enter the pool area.
Exemptions may be granted by Management for aids to the disabled, which must however be adequately sanitised.
Entry is only permitted to customers and guests of the facility who wear the identification bracelet.

Article 34 (Inexperienced swimmers) – Inexperienced swimmers must use the bathtubs set aside for them and wear water wings or life jacket. Unaccompanied children may not enter the pool.

Article 35 (Recommendations) - We recommend letting an interval of at least three hours elapse after a meal before swimming. To be able to use the pool, swimmers must be free from contagious or in any event transmissible diseases, as well as from open injuries or wounds that are incompatible with use of the pool.

Article 36 (Prohibitions) – It is prohibited to introduce air mattresses, dinghies and the like into the pool. Jumps and thrusts from the edges of the pool, playing tricks inside the water and runs near the pool, made slippery by the presence of water, are all prohibited. It is forbidden to dirty at any time the water of the bathtubs and the surrounding areas. The Staff is entitled to chase out at any time the swimmers who engage in improper conduct and who infringe the prescriptions issued to protect people’s safety, hygiene and integrity.

Article 37 (Safekeeping duty) - Users are kindly invited not to leave any unattended goods in the pool area.
Likewise prohibited is the prolonged occupation of the pool area and the related furnishings with towels or other personal items in the absence of the owner.
The Staff will be entitled to remove any objects left unattended, which will be placed in the special container located in the pool area.

Article 38 (Specific requirements for the Jacuzzis) - Only adults and children above 14 may use the Jacuzzis (hot tubs).
For the sake of a correct and healthy use, and to enable guests to use the system, any stay in the hot tub must be limited to 15 minutes at the most.
Before diving into the water, you must take an adequate shower.
You may only enter the shower tray barefoot.
Use of the Jacuzzis is prohibited to people affected by any diseases, who are bound to independently and scrupulously assess the risks posed by its use to their own health.

Article 39 (Disclaimer of liability) - Management disclaims any liability for thefts, accidents or damages to persons or things caused by users’ carelessness.

Possible garaging

Article 40 (Garaging agreement) -  The garaging service to caravans, campers and boats is only provided by the Facility pursuant to the prior conclusion of a specific written agreement with the user, against payment of an ad hoc fee.

Article 41 (Obligation to remove money, valuables, equipment and devices) -  In case any asset is taken delivery of, safekeeping will nevertheless be deemed limited to the asset itself (caravan, camper or boat) in its essential structure, the user being obliged to remove beforehand items, money and/or other valuables inside it (including equipment, accessories and devices of the asset, unless they are items permanently incorporated in it,  alternatively, in the event of removable assets, items expressly marked and handed to the Company for safekeeping by the User, along with the simultaneous draft and signature of ad hoc minutes).
Despite the foregoing, the Company will nevertheless not be liable for any misappropriations, losses or deteriorations of any items left by the User at his/her own risk and danger inside the asset.

Article 42 (Insurance obligation) - Caravans, campers and boats must be duly equipped with a currently valid insurance policy. Lack of sufficient insurance cover will entitle the Company to refrain from concluding the agreement or demand the immediate removal of the vehicle.

Liability of Guests and of the Facility

Article 43 (Duty to safeguard one’s personal effects, money or valuables – Safes, Valuables Safekeeping Service, Safety Deposit Boxes) -  The campground guests and visitors must carefully safeguard their personal effects. Money and valuables should not be left inside the tents, caravans and accommodation units, or inside the vehicles.
It should be noted that all the accommodation units are fitted with safes and entrance lock protected by a locking system. It should likewise be noted that a valuables safekeeping service is available at the reception office, where safety deposit boxes may also be rented.
Users of the accommodation units must deposit money, jewels and valuables in the ad hoc safes and keep the units strictly locked, whereas the other campground guests must use the valuables safekeeping service or the safety deposit boxes.
Given the peculiarity of the Facility and of the services offered – camping and holiday right amid nature -  
the campground guests are recommended not to bring inside the Campground excessively valuable items, which must in any event be declared to Management and expressly entrusted to it for safekeeping, subject to Management’s right to decline the safekeeping of items whose value is seemingly disproportionate to the characteristics of the Facility and to the type of vacation offered.
Breach of the abovementioned instructions shall amount to gross negligence by the guest and shall entail the exclusion of any right to compensation whatsoever.

Article 44 (Disclaimer of liability for losses and thefts) - The Facility is not liable for loss or theft of items and valuables not entrusted and accepted in safekeeping, or not adequately safeguarded by users.

Article45 (Disclaimer of liability for losses and thefts of vehicles) -  It should be borne in mind that liability for theft or loss of vehicles (bicycles as well) is in any event excluded, and the interested parties are accordingly recommended, as regards items with a special value, to assess the convenience of taking out an independent insurance policy to cover theft, loss or damages.

Article 46 (Natural environment) -   It should be borne in mind that the Facility lies in a special natural environment and that the preservation of such environment and its characteristics of spontaneity and heightened naturalness is an intrinsic characteristic and value added of the campground.
The presence of irregularities in the ground, the fall of pinecones and resin, etc. – just to mention a few examples – should therefore be deemed a normality, no liability being capable of attaching to the Facility for the dynamism intrinsic to the natural environment in which the campground is plunged.
It should be likewise borne in mind that during the season even intense if not actually exceptional weather phenomena might occur.  In view of the intense weather events that have occurred in recent years, you are kindly advised to assess the opportunity of taking out an insurance policy as cover for any resultant damage.

Article 47 (Disclaimer of liability for Damages unrelated to negligent conduct by the campground staff) -   The Facility is not liable for injuries and accidental wounds or for damages caused by other guests, by force majeure, by natural calamities or by exceptional weather phenomena, and generally by reasons unrelated to negligent conduct by the campground staff. 

Article 48 (Insurance) - The campground guests are informed that Bibione Mare S.p.a. has taken out a liability insurance to cover (on the terms specified in the policy) liability to third parties.

Final provisions

Article 49 (Court with jurisdiction) – Jurisdiction over any dispute between the Company and the Campground customers and guests is vested exclusively in the Courts of the place where the Company’s registered office is situated (save where a peremptory legislative provision has stipulated recourse to a different Court).

Article 50 (Applicable law) – The relationship between the Company and the Campground customers and guests is governed by Italian law.


Guests affected by any intolerances (food-related, to animals or of other kinds) or diseases must independently assess whether the Facility is suitable for their stay.
Management is available to provide any additional information or clarification.
For all intents and purposes, we wish to hereby point out:
- that animals are allowed at the “Capalonga” Campground (subject to the limits and conditions laid down in the relevant Regulations
- that periodical anti-mosquito treatments are carried out at the Facility and chemical products used therein for cleaning purposes, in accordance with legal provisions.
Guests are kindly invited to elicit information from Management if they wish to know the precise products employed.

You are informed that the Authorities to contact in case of emergency are:

  • Pronto Soccorso (Emergency): 118
  • Facility’s Management: +39 0431 438480
Vigili del Fuoco (Fire Brigade): 115
The following Regulations aim to protect the customers’ safety and well-being, as well as the order and cleanliness of the beach next to the Campground.

Each Campground customer and guest must comply with all the rules and regulations that generally govern activity on the beaches and use of the equipment, and also comply with the Order Regulating Beach Activities and Seaside Safety issued by the competent Authorities, in force at the tourist locality of Bibione.
Said measures are adequately publicised by displaying them at the Beach entrance.
The attention of customers and guests is drawn to the points set out hereunder.
1. The beach service is charged for, unless otherwise indicated on the booking confirmation. When charged for, it may be purchased at the time of booking or directly at the Campground.
2. In order to use the service, you must approach Management to be issued with a special Voucher, to be produced whenever demanded by the relevant staff. The Voucher issued is not refundable and may not be assigned to third parties. The customer must guard and carry on himself the Voucher proving his right to utilise the beach services, for him to be able to produce it to the controlling Staff.
3. No beach chairs or camp beds may be taken from other beach spots.
4. Adjacent beach spots may not be occupied with beach chairs or camp beds from the allocated beach spot.
5.  Sports activities and games (volleyball, football, bowls, etc.) are only allowed in the areas behind the umbrellas, while taking care not to disturb other customers and guests. The Company disclaims any liability for damages to things or persons caused by the activities undertaken by customers and guests under their exclusive responsibility.
6. For safety reasons, only holes of moderate size may be dug. They may not be left unattended and must always be covered.
7. Children must play games in the presence of their parents or the adult persons in whose custody they are. Management disclaims any liability for any improper use of equipment. We recommended not to climb on any game facilities wet by rain.
8. It is forbidden to place umbrellas, deckchairs, watercrafts or other objects that hinder transit and bathing in the beachfront area within 5 metres from the water edge. If beach establishments are present, the prohibition further extends beyond the five metres from the water edge up to the first row of umbrellas.
9. It is forbidden to throw rubbish on the beach.
10. It is forbidden to light fires on the beach. Offenders will be reported to the competent Authorities.
11. In compliance with the legislative provisions in force, the Company carries out rescue and first aid activities, consistently with the provisions of the Municipal Order Regulating Beach Activities.
12. Meaning of the flag exhibited: BLUE: rescue service active and weather conditions ideal and safe for bathing; YELLOW: NB! Reduced rescue service. – Bathing permitted; RED: danger or lack of rescue service! – Bathing discouraged.
13. If the conditions of the sea are deemed dangerous or dangerous situations prevail, the red flag will be hoisted. Once that signal is given, bathing is discouraged and the Facility disclaims any liability vis-à-vis those who fail to abide by such warning.
14. On very windy days, the beach umbrellas must be kept strictly closed, and customers and guests must attend to that. Each customer, in those circumstances, must comply with the instructions issued by the beach staff. Given the potentially dangerous situation, you are advised not to stay on the beach when weather conditions are not ideal. 
15. Customers must abide by the provisions set out in these Regulations, in the Orders of the Municipality and the Port Authority, and in the Municipal Regulations on use of Maritime State Property, as well as by any other provision issued by the competent Authorities. Failure to comply with said rules will entail the offender’s removal from the facility.
You are recommended not to leave money, valuables in general, clothes, toys, air mattresses and any other personal object unguarded. The Facility is not liable for objects and/or materials belonging to customers and guests damaged or stolen within the beach area.



Everybody loves
Camping Lido for its


Valentina - August 2019

Top Staff!

Everything you need for a camping holiday... I would also like to mention the kind and polite staff, from the reception to the gardeners! There is no employee who forgets to say good morning... and these days we cannot take this for granted


Cesare - August 2019

Relaxing holiday!

First time in this campsite, everything went smoothly as a beach holiday should be, from arrival to departure nothing to complain about. All perfect, the animators with their shows entertain adults and children at large. For a week, I have literally detached my brain from everyday life. sea, relaxation, sun, laughter, fun ..... what more could I want??!!!! come back next year ... already booked .... all good ... try to believe it ... on to next year.


Sofi – July 2019

Always a pleasure, Camping Lido

I've been coming to Camping Lido for years, which is always an excellent choice for a family holiday. The lodgings are clean and comfortable, the beach is immense and as of this year completely smoke-free, the quiet atmosphere is perfect for getting away from the routine. However, this year's surprise was the group that was created! In fact, thanks to the animators Gab(bbb)riele and Luna, the Lido can now even boast an enviable team of beach volleyball and bocce. They are the ones who get the laziest guests to get up from the deckchair and throw themselves into the sand (including head first, if necessary). The multilingual composition of the teams is also noteworthy: the animating team has been able to unite speakers of Venetian and Milanese dialect, German and, if necessary, of an idiom vaguely similar to English. A cheer also to an often forgotten part of the staff, the gardeners, thanks to which the campsite and the seafront are always in excellent condition.


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Always included in the price:

  • Use of swimming pools
  • Animation for all children
  • Free Wi-Fi (limited bandwidth)
  • Enrolment in all sports and special events
  • Parking spot
  • Electricity and use of services with hot water
  • Wonderful memories and new friendships



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